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CAD Drawings

Buildings once deemed inaccessible or unsuited for measurement with traditional methods are now easily documented. Processed Point Cloud data, taken interior or exterior, is used as the basis for creating precise high quality 2D & 3D CAD drawings. The high level of detail obtained from point clouds allows for an accurate portrayal of organic and complex architectural detail.

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Clash Detection

Point cloud data is utilized within various 3D modeling software programs to provide a comparison of actual conditions to proposed designs. These clash detection models are invaluable to Construction Management Companies and Owners in identifying potential problems and helping to devise solutions prior to construction, eliminating costly field changes.

Surface Mapping

By leveraging information obtained from the dense 3D surface data of a laser scan, topographic maps can be created of linear surfaces. These forensic studies clearly illustrate deviations from horizontal and vertical plane. In existing buildings it helps to quickly identify problem areas and extent of surface movement. In new construction it will provide essential information on both existing and new substrates, allowing corrective measures to be implemented where needed.

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Heritage & Landmark Buildings 

Laser scanning provides a method to document in true scale 3D data format the current physical conditions of a building’s surface and details. This data serves as a basis for study or source of measured drawings should replacement or restoration of the building be required at a later date.

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3D Modeling

With the rise of BIM in both the design and construction professions, the need for an accurate 3D base model is a common requirement. The 3D data obtained from scanning is a perfect way to create an “as-is” model of current conditions, to serve as an accurate base for design and construction documents. Models are prepared from the scan data, in either Revit or CAD format, ranging from simple surface drawings to complex piping and duct delineations.

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