All of the software we use has free versions with limited capabilities readily available via the web.  

We recommend considering the following for use in viewing and working with Point cloud data:

Faro Scene LT

FARO, one of the premier manufacturers of 3D laser scanners, developed Faro Scene, a program used to process and align point cloud data. In addition to processing, the program has the ability to export point cloud data in a variety of file formats, including .pts, .ptx and .dxf for a direct AutoCAD import.  A free version of this software, FARO Scene LT, is available online. It allows viewing and exporting of processed point cloud files.


Faro WebShare

Scene Webshare is the latest development by FARO for sharing of scan projects online. With this web based program, you can upload and download scans, view and export them anywhere in the world.  An extremely useful conference and presentation tool, it is available for free on FARO's website. Visit for more information.

kubit PointCloud

kubit’s PointCloud is a plug in developed expressly for working with point cloud data within AutoCAD.  It is available in a number of versions, each one providing a series of productive tools that allow you to leverage point cloud data to produce the specialized deliverables required by the different segments of the AEC industry. Point Cloud works with a variety of file import types. Intuitive and easy to use, it provides workable solutions to managing large data files within a CAD environment. It is available for a free trial download, as well as a free version that will run within AutoCAD 2010 -2012. Visit for more details.

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