Frequently Asked Questions

Why Actus?

Actus was a unit of measurement in ancient Rome. The Romans were able to create many of their engineering achievements due to their advances in the science of measurement and building technology. Today, Actus3D uses the latest in modern laser measurement technology to create specialized 3D models and deliverables for a variety of professions.


What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning, or LIDAR, is a generic term for laser technology used to measure our environment. Various types of scanners exist, from long, medium and short range fixed or hand held units to mobile and airborne scanners. The technology is based upon data derived from line of sight acquisition of objects found within range of the scanning unit’s laser beam. The resulting database is true scale and measurable, it can be processed and used to create highly accurate drawings and 3D models.

What is a Point Cloud?

A Point Cloud is a generic term for the data from medium range laser scanners. These scanners capture millions of points from a pulsed laser beam. Each data point has fixed x,y,& z coordinates which locate it precisely in space. When viewed together, they form a 3D model with a cloud-like appearance due to the empty space around each point, hence the name “point cloud”.


What benefits can I get from using this technology?

The use of a medium range laser scanner allows you to get accurate dimensions of complex geometric objects, unique angles and shapes. It enables measurement of objects at a distance, which previously required scaffold or ladder access using traditional measurement techniques. Scanning covers a 360 degree field of view; it is a fast efficient way to measure large open areas as well as multifaceted facades. The data is computer based, and easily exported to various modeling and drawing programs.

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