3D Models

With the rise of BIM in both the design and construction professions, the need for an accurate 3D base model is a common requirement.  The 3D data obtained from scanning is a perfect way to create an “as-is” model of current conditions, to serve as an accurate base for design and construction documents. 


Exterior Revit model from Scan Data


3D Interior Revit model from Scan Data

The formation of any model from scan data requires interpretation on the part of the operator. Walls and surfaces do not exist as perfect planes in reality; in order to draw them within orthogonal modeling programs you must determine where you will “draw the line”. Our extensive background in construction and architecture enables us to understand what is important to portray in your model, and the level of precision required. Actus3D will prepare your building model from scan data, in either Revit or 3D AutoCAD format, ranging from simple surface drawings to complex piping and duct delineations. In addition to working with point clouds, Actus3D can provide mesh surface models and solid models needed for 3D printing and CNC manufacturing.