Actus3d will provide onsite scanning services to capture the as-is conditions of your object, building, structure or construction site. Using laser scan technology, we provide medium range and hand held scanning to produce accurate and precise 3D data. With our specialized equipment and accessories, we can accommodate scanning on busy streets, crowded equipment rooms, and hard to access places. Once the data is collected, it is processed in our office to create a comprehensive 3D database of the project. This can be used as a record for insurance, future study, or a basis for creating 2D drawings and 3D models for design and construction.

Laser Scanning services have been used for:

      ·  Architecture & Engineering

      ·   Construction

      ·   Heritage Documentation

      ·   Archeology Site Records

      ·  Forensic Studies

      ·   Insurance Records

      ·  Accident Scene Recording

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